Self-talk “Be careful what you say to yourself, chances are you are listening”. The things that we say to ourselves throughout the day really do make an impact on our thoughts, feelings, actions, behaviors, and our confidence. We tend to rate the validity of a statement based on how many times we have heard it … More Self-Talk

Self-Awareness (2-2)

Knowing your strengths is the basis of your success.If you are not self-aware, growth is almost impossible.  Strengths are tasks or actions that you can do well. Knowing your strengths is extremely important because you need to know where you will succeed in life. If you do not know where you will thrive in your life … More Self-Awareness (2-2)

The Purpose

Life is difficult, as M. Scott Peck (1978) put it. Once we understand this, life then can become easier. Rather, life’s difficulties are expected and now you anticipate them. This gives us a chance to prepare to deal with life’s issues. This page will give you techniques on how to deal with those difficulties and … More The Purpose